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San Francisco Wedding Photography by Ekaterina Alyabyeva

Wedding day is one of the most important events in your life. You want to keep your memories in wedding pictures forever. Wedding photography memorizes every essential moment and emotion.

Wedding photographer catches all these moments for you. That’s why choice of the photographer is so important. You should look not only the best wedding photographer but also a talented artisan whose style fits your personal vision of the wedding day. When you choose wedding photographer you need to pay attention not only on the picture quality but also on his personal artistic way of seeing wedding moment. Professional wedding photographer in San Francisco and Bay Area must be super skilled to be able to stage a perfect shot and catch unforgettable moment.

Nowadays there are several approaches to the wedding photography. A basic understanding of these styles could help you to make a choice of the best wedding photographer.

Traditional style of the wedding photography: The history of wedding photography starts with traditional style approach. It means posed photographs of the key moments. That includes taking portrait photos, scheduled time for the solo photos of the bride and groom alone, and with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and immediate family. Traditional wedding photographers usually use a "shot list" as a plan of important wedding moments. The advantage of this approach to the wedding photography is taking photos of you in the best light, the most flattering angles, and in the most artistic way in the given surroundings.

Wedding photojournalism: Contemporary style of the wedding photography is also known as photo reportage and documentary approach. Wedding photojournalism has become a very popular style, used by many best wedding photographers. Wedding photojournalism tells the story of your wedding day. Photographer catches all natural emotions and you can see the chronology of the wedding day “how it was happened”.

As a professional wedding photographer I combine traditional style of the wedding photography and photojournalism in my work. I use advantages of the both styles to make your wedding photos so special, creative and adorable.

Wedding photography photojournalism works perfect for the bride makeup, for the exchange of vows during the ceremony, for the cocktails and wedding party, for the serve of the wedding cake and throwing wedding flowers. As a wedding photographer I ever ready to observe, anticipate, and catch those precious candid moments and emotions.

On the other hand I love to take wedding portraits. Traditional wedding photography gives us opportunity to take creative wedding pictures. When we have enough time for posing and staged wedding photography I like to take great portraits, which you can use for canvas prints and framed wedding photos.

As a wedding photographer I also pay a lot of attention to your wedding details. Details make your wedding unique and unforgettable, so it’s very important to capture the rings, flowers, bridal shoes, wedding gowns, bouquets, center pieces, wedding cake, the character of the venue, and all other details. As you spend a lot of time taking care of these small accents of your wedding, I’m proud to represent them in the still images!

I gladly serve your wedding day in San Francisco, Bay Area, California and beyond!

I want you to really love your wedding pictures so we can make amazing wedding photos together!